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IN THE TIDES OF TIME the venerable trawler was the hallmark of strength, stamina and master craftsmanship. She could look a storm square in the eye. And not blink. She would spend months at sea working tirelessly sunup to first moon without faltering. She'd obligingly respond to her skipper, safeguard her crew and with prow held high at voyage end, cruise proudly into port.
TRADITION MEETS TOMORROW With salty intuition and boundless imagination naval architect, James S. Krogen designs the legendary trawler into the 21st Century. In the Krogen 42', Krogen again proves his mastery of merging tried and true seaworthiness with sophisticated liveaboard ease. Disciplined to the stringent demands of commercial design, Krogen adheres to the same tough criteria for his pleasure craft. There is no waste. No superficiality. Simply a yacht without peer in character, in value, indefinitely.
THE KROGEN 42' is a dauntless trawler yacht with an insatiable wanderlust and incomparable comfort. You can cruise to the Caribbean, head North to Anchorage, ship off to the South China Sea or venture across the Atlantic. With a cruising range over 3,000 nautical miles plus prodigious stowage space, all ports are possible in a Krogen 42'.
LOGICALLY INNOVATIVE Experienced yachtsmen will readily recognize the thoughtful design nuances and distinct singularity that separates Krogen 42' from the typical trawler yacht. With her ballasted, full-keeled displacement hull, The 42' assures an excellent range of stability. She's self-righting at over 85ø and tracking is dead-on, even in following seas. The 42' is "form stabilized" to effectively resist roll. And the fine entry of the hull eliminates pounding to give a softer, and far less tiring voyage.
The rounded transom rises out of the water for minimum drag, maximum efficiency and impressive fuel economy. With outstanding ease of steering and maneuverability, the Krogen 42' let's you cruise where you choose confidentially and serenely in non-stop comfort.
MIGHT DONE RIGHT THE Krogen 42' disguises her all-weather muscle with enduring style and a generous spirit. There's a wealth of accessible great outdoors to stroll or privatize. The teak aft deck offers coffee al fresco or a picnic for two. On to the foredeck. Stretch out for some suntime or grab hold to the heavy duty hand rail to greet the sea head on. Step up in the world to the expansive non-skid boat deck off the flying bridge. Space is plentiful for a dinghy, cross-country bikes and deck chairs. Or drop anchor, beam in some music, and dance under the stars. The full parameter is secured with strong, stainless steel railing. Topping off the boat deck is a Krogen trawler constant: an effficient mast and loading boom.
40,000 LBS OF VALUE The 42' enhances the Kadey-Krogen tradition of quality with meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art materials. The full displacement hull is solid hand-laid fiberglass below the water line with sandwich construction topsides, superstructure and deck. The proficient core effectively insulates against sound, adverse temperature and condensation. All exterior fittings are quality stainless and teak is kept to a judicious minimum for laudably low maintenance.


CAPTAIN'S PREROGATIVE The Krogen 42' lets you do it your way. There are two basic arrangements from which to choose: Standard or Widebody models. There are also two lower accommodation plans applicable to either model. Whatever your options, the Krogen 42' will fit your needs and fulfill your cruising dreams at the helm of a yacht that's unmistakably a true classic. CONSTRUCTION: Solid hand laid P.P.G. Combo mat fiberglass below the waterline. Closed cell P.V.C. sandwich core used in topsides and superstructure. End grain Balsa cored pilot house top and boat deck. Vinylester resin used in first two laminates below the water line. Exterior finish U.S. Ferro gelcoat. 3M 5200 sealants used at hull to deck and boat deck joints. Marine grade plywood bulkheads with mahogany stringers and frames.


LOA 42' - 4"
LWL 39' - 2"
Beam 15' - 0"
Draft 4 -7"
Displacement (Half Load) 39,500
Fuel 700 gals
Water 360 gals
Ballast 2500 lbs
Range 8 knots 2150 Nautical Miles
7 knots 3200 Nautical Miles
6 knots 5000 Nautical Miles
(Ranges are approximate)
Bridge Clearance Mast Up 22' - 9"
Bridge Clearance Mast Down 14 - 0"
Shipping Height (including cradle) 17' - 6"
Shipping beam (over guard rail) 15'-10"
Shipping Length (w/pulpit & swim platform) 45'-10"
Shipping Weight 34,000 lbs
Gross Tonnage 32.9
Net Tonnage 26.
Engine Room Volume 550 cubic feet
Displ/Length Ration (D/L) 294
A/B Ratio 2.2
Prismatic Coef. (PC) .60
LBS/Inch Immersion 2,000 Lbs/ln
Moment to trim one inch 4,250 Ft - Lbs
L.C.B. 51% Aft
L.C.F. 56% Aft
GM (approx) 3.9 ft.
Range of Positive Stability (approx) 85 deg.